PPC Management & Search Engine Marketing

Paid search is perhaps the fastest, most targeted and most effective marketing channel of all time. Keyword-triggered cost-per-click search engine marketing ("paid search") is pure genius and represents a huge opportunity no matter your industry, products, or service offering.

Our approach to paid search focuses on continuous testing and improvement where our goals are to:

  1. Continually increase the volume of quality leads generated.
  2. Continually reduce your overall cost-per-lead.

It has been said that SEM takes an hour to learn, and lifetime to master.

A lot of businesses make uneducated attempts at running programs like Google AdWords. They quickly blow their budget and then they say that it doesn't work because of [insert excuse here], and that they are going to focus on SEO instead, because SEO is "free."

       We see this pattern and what it says to us is that you're refusing to admit that your company is getting pushed out of the marketplace.

       We can see your competitors' exact keywords that they are spending on month after month. Barring some type of vanity motivation, do you think that multiple companies would continue their spend on the same keywords over time if it wasn't ROI-ing for them?

       If you are truly interested in increasing your sales, the prospects are there — and even if there are a lot people fishing in the same hole — we are going to go to market with landing pages that are superior to those of your competitors, and we are going to test and tweak until we hit your target goals.

PPC Management
Trendara is a full service b2b marketing agency specializing in creating and managing Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Tier 2 network PPC campaigns.

Existing Campaign Optimization
We can come in and overhaul your current campaigns. Or, run reports on paused campaigns to make an analysis and advise on next steps for getting back in, profitably.

Account Support
If you have dedicated people, we can train them, share our techniques, and provide one-on-one educational opportunities.

Design Services
Trendara creates compelling image ads within your existing look and feel — or completely outside the box. Our designers love placing bets on whose ads will achieve the highest CTR.

It is important to mention that everything we do is aligned to support your overall Search Engine Optimization efforts. Every piece of content we touch is carefully considered with organic search engine rankings in mind. We are on-site optimization experts and we provide this service on request. Watch your rankings improve during an engagement with Trendara due to the targeted, useful, keyword-rich content we create and deploy.

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