Marketing Automation Services and L2RM
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Marketing Automation Services and L2RM

Lead Nurturing and Marketing Automation is a "pull" strategy for imprinting the availability of your products in your prospect's mind and growing their interest in engaging. This is achieved by scheduled or triggered delivery of relevant, useful, personalized information combined with in-depth tracking of how, and how often your prospects interact with your content. Some of the activities we track are:

  • Opens.
  • Clickthroughs.
  • Clickstream / footpath to other pages after landing on your site.
  • Time spent on page.
  • Adjusted bounce rate.
  • Downloads.
  • Repeat visits.
  • An overall "lead score" that meaningfully reflects the sum of the above interactions, including phone calls, direct mail, and other touch-points.

These metrics allow you to identify who in the mass of your campaign response and CRM data is most interested in transacting. Your salespeople can then focus on who is most likely to buy.

       Good salespeople know how to identify truly interested prospects and manage their time to focus on those prospects. Lead Nurturing and Automation achieve this same goal en masse, on a data level, through the integration of your CRM system, email marketing apparatus and website personalization.

       Supplying relevant, useful content in an automated way allows your good prospects to "bubble up" and self-identify through their trackable actions as they engage with your company's "pillar content" touch-points, and as they are provided with more opportunities to interact and respond. Again, the goal is to create more demand and increase your revenue by allowing salespeople to focus on prospects who are ready to buy.

       This is contrasted with a BUY NOW "push" strategy where your promotional messages are trying to "close, close, close" when your prospects may be too high up in the funnel, or the timing is wrong in their buying cycle. Marketing Automation allows to you send the right message at the right time — then react according to their interaction.

Of course, your messaging and content is crucial.

Your content must demonstrate that you understand your prospects' business problems and that you can solve them at a reasonable cost. Be educational. You've got to connect with your buyers in a way that they trust you and look forward to hearing from you. "Multichannel, relevant, useful, and personalized" is the mantra.

Never underestimate the importance of high quality, effective content designed to impact your prospects' decision process and motivate them to act on the information they've consumed. Some of the content modalities Trendara creates for our clients:

  • Articles.
  • Newsletters and emails.
  • Whitepapers and case studies.
  • Shareable graphics.
  • Calculators, widgets, on-site tools.
  • Press releases (SEO focused and optimized).
  • Webinars, teleconferences.
  • Social media content (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)
  • Research findings.
  • Polls, quizzes and surveys.
  • Brochures and collateral.
  • … and many more, according to what is most appropriate to your business goals.

The importance of scheduling.

How often should you reach out to your prospects with your content? How often is too often? How little is too little to the point they don't remember you until the next time they receive something? Mail too frequently, or mail too much irrelevant content and prospects will bounce, unsubscribe, or disengage. It's a careful balance that we monitor closely through web analytics and email campaign reporting.

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