Sales Rep & Marketing Manager Training

Q: Do you know how to get your salespeople to love you?

A: Give them leads that close!

In your company, is the marketing group perceived as a source of high quality leads? Or … no? In many companies there is often a rift between marketing and sales.

       This can occur when marketing clings to the idea that they know the customer better than sales. The Marketing Group may think they know the best, most effective ways to reach prospects. Sales, on the other hand, often views marketing not as a valued equal partner, but as a "younger brother" or sister who gets a pat on the head and told to step aside when the real business is to be done.

       There is also dissatisfaction from sales when marketing consistently delivers too great a percentage of what sales considers to be poor quality leads; leads that are not "sales ready."

       There is much to be said about this misalignment present in so many organization, but part of the solution is definitely the establishing an agreed upon "lead score," or readiness threshold that a "response" must achieve before it's considered a "lead" that can be handed over from marketing to sales.

       It's best for marketing and sales to work shoulder-to-shoulder to create the definition of what makes a lead sales ready. As a third party, Trendara can assist in creating quantifiable, mutually agreed upon lead scoring definitions — based on real-world data — beyond the often arbitrary "A, B, C, D" or "Hot, Warm, Cold" labels that can vary from rep to rep.

This is just one example of the type of Business Process Mapping we do.

Accurate scoring of opportunities allows better executive view into pipelines and forecasts.

We can help your marketing group demonstrate to the sales team the tangible value marketing adds to the sales cycle. When sales realizes that marketing is implementing systems and strategies to show real-time prospect "buying signals" right inside CRM — or even as automated SMS texts to their phones — many barriers fall.

For sales reps, Trendara provides training on:

  • How to get the most power and sales utility out of CRM.
  • Understanding online content interaction metrics and how these indicate which prospects are most likely to be ready to buy.
  • Specific word-for-word sales scripts to use to reach out to a prospect when certain triggers have taken place.
  • Understanding the steps that were taken by marketing to qualify a lead before it was released to sales.
  • How to personalize mass emails to prospects in different industries, different territories, and at different stages of the buying cycle.
  • And much more. Even your top producers can benefit from better prospect intelligence.

We are a marketing agency that executes from a sales perspective.

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