Value Proposition, Process & Benefits to Your Business

The story is familiar.

YOUR BUSINESS needs to cut costs and increase market share, but you're afraid to step up your marketing efforts at a time when your instincts are telling you to save. What is the single most affordable, most effective method of increasing your sales, sign-ups, leads, etc? …

       ✔︎ Increasing your conversion rate is the answer. Lead conversion is where it all begins.

       There are many traffic strategies out there, but none of them matter if your website is a black hole of bounce-rate and cart abandonment. That said, the first phase of a project with Trendara always involves a detailed audit of your website in relation to a survey of your competitors' offers in the keyword-space.

Do we want to redesign your website? – No. We want get prospects into your pipeline and help you close them.

What does an engagement with Trendara look like?

Typically, we begin with "landing page design." Your landing pages are the core of your marketing efforts. As an example, think of your landers as a machine. If you could put $1 dollar into that machine and get $3 dollars out, how often would you do it? — You'd do it all day long, wouldn't you?

How we Engage:

  • We create a written Statement of Work that details exactly what is to be completed, specific agreed upon metrics of success, and hard due dates for all deliverables.
  • The Statement of Work is signed by both Trendara and the client.
  • Our counterparts on the org chart are generally owners, CMOs or CEOs at SMBs with 500 employees or fewer.
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       Right now you may be accustomed to putting $1 dollar in and get $1.25 out — or worse, getting a .50 cents-on-the-dollar return on your marketing spend — but still hoping you're getting some kind of unmeasurable "brand lift." This is a simplistic example, but the point is that Trendara deploys very specific and measureable design / writing / traffic / user interface, split-testing and MEASUREMENT techniques to improve and monitor your landing pages to make sure they're doing the heavy lifting required to get prospects into your pipeline, nurture those leads, and advance them toward the close.

       Even a slight improvement in the customer experience can raise your conversion rates. All of a sudden you are putting $1 dollar into that machine and getting $5 dollars out. Or $1,000 in and $5,000 out. Every day.

Ask yourself this:

  HOW MANY landing pages do you currently have running? … Why so few?

For example, you can see here on this subdomain Sprout Social has over 250 landing pages in their stable; each with a slightly different message based on their target prospects' personas, intents, likely keyword searches, and positions in the stages of the buying cycle.

Think about it this way: Every additional targeted and optimized landing page you create is like buying another ticket in the lottery. A simple metaphor, yes, but a useful way to think about the proper scale of your marketing efforts.

Landing Page Design and Conversion Optimization.

At Trendara we evaluate landing pages according to a set of best-practices guided by this formula:

social sharing links screenshot
Learn more about Trendara's conversion optimization practice.

       In order for (C) conversions to occur, a prospect must be (m) motivated to stay on your page, be met with a clear (v) value proposition, and be presented with suficient (i) incentive to take action. However, prospects usually experience a degree of (f) friction [usually due to bad interface design or unclear setting of expectations] and there is always some level of (a) anxiety felt about entering information or committing to a purchase.

It's our job to raise the user's level of motivation, present the strongest possible value proposition, offer meaningful incentives, and then reduce friction and anxiety as much as possible.

       And we map these tactics appropriately to the different phases of the buyer's journey.

Briefly, some of the concepts that guide us in b2b landing page design and optimization are:

  • Information scent.
  • The prospect's position in the funnel as implied by the semantic level of "intent" evident in specific keyword searches.
  • A focus on valuable and useful content pieces as touch points specific to the progressive phases of "the buyer's journey."
  • Segmentation and lead nurturing based on target industry buying cycles.
  • Incentives, expectations, offer structure.
  • Beliefs, feelings, desires. Emotional, personal, intellectual. People (even b2b buyers) buy with emotion and backfill with logic.
  • Trustmarks, good reputation indicators, communication of expertise and authority.
  • Usability, interface design, page speed.
  • Direct response copywriting techniques, persuasion architecture.
  • Suprise & Delight!

We do everything we can to earn the conversion without "cheapening" your brand. Basically, your web page is going to do what it is supposed to do — act as an effective "silent salesperson."

Measure twice, cut once.

Once we have created an initial design that packs all the punches, now it's time to test our assumptions with real-world data. We do this by sending Google AdWords traffic to your pages and simultaneously running A/B or multivariate testing.

Split Testing for Conversion Optimization
In this testing scenario, a 4.5% increase in purchase conversion is achieved.

       Google AdWords is perhaps the fastest, most targeted and most effective marketing channel of all time. Keyword-triggered cost-per-click search engine marketing ("paid search" or "PPC") is pure genius, and Google's still doing it the best. That's why Google is without a doubt one of most admired and respected companies of the last few decades.

       FACT: did you know that author Tim Ferris chose the title of the multi-million selling book "The 4 Hour Work Week" by split-testing ads on Google? Sure, it's a gimmicky book, but his naming process was a clever concept — he let his prospective audience choose the title by "voting" with their clicks; and we are going to do the same thing with your search ads and with your landing pages.

       We scientifically test different layouts, copy, colors, images, buttons, and form designs to discover which combinations give you the highest dollar out when you put a dollar in. There's a lot more that goes into it, but you get the idea …

Now it's time to go fishing: Targeting and traffic strategies.

Once you have a page that is converting at a reliable level on AdWords, then the fun really begins. So where do you go fishing? — Well … fish where the fish are! On your behalf, Trendara will perform:

  • Competitive analysis to see who's doing what, and who's doing it best.
  • Extensive keyword research, including the exact keywords your competitors are buying.
  • Identifying websites where your target prospects hang out.
  • Uncovering the best social networks, forums, and communities that appeal to your prospects.
  • Reach and frequency, psychographics, day-parting.
  • Traffic Strategies:

    • Paid search (Google, Bing, Tier 2s)
    • Search engine optimization.
    • Permission-based email marketing, auto-responder sequences, automated lead nurturing, on-page personalization, behavaiorally triggered 3rd party API integrations.
    • Development of thoughtful content & editorial pieces that map to the buyer's journey.
    • Blogging strategy based on high-value keywords
    • Editorial calendar, RSS, blog post promotion strategies, link-baiting.
    • Thought leader and influential blogger outreach strategy.
    • Whitepaper authoring & syndication, video syndication, podcasting.
    • Webinars, teleconference marketing.
    • On-site calculators, tools, widgets.
    • Web media buys / display advertising.
    • Retargeting.
    • Social media marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)
    • Press releases (SEO focused and optimized)
    • Surveys, quizzes, contests, polling.
    • and more ... we identify the tactics that are most appropriate to your budget, target audience, and business goals.

CRM, Marketing Automation, L2RM & other SaaS Platforms.

Lead to Revenue Management Diagram
Peronalized content mapping to the different stages of the buyer's journey. Image source: Forrester®

Trendara customizes and administers client ROI Analytics, CRM, Lead to Revenue Management (L2RM) and Marketing Automation systems to 1) free up Sales Rep time to allow more focus on prime targets and 2) allow executives maximum visibility into Marketing ROI and an accurate sales pipeline. We are Certified Sales Cloud Consultants. Marketing Automation systems we support include but are not limited to:

Pardot ・ Marketo ・ Oracle Eloqua ・ HubSpot ・ Infusionsoft ・ Ontraport ・ Salesfusion ・ Net-Results ・ Act-On ・ Silverpop ・ Adobe Marketing Cloud ・ CallidusCloud

Marketing Automation services we provide include:
  • CRM / Marketing Automation systems integrations.
  • Marketing workflow configurations. Process & best-practice authoring.
  • Lead-scoring / sales-readiness guidelines and automation.
  • ROI analytics goaling & KPI setup.
  • Transparent reporting on all L2RM processes & activities. Meaningful data cuts for business insight.
  • Executive dashboards / sales forecasting screens / sales rep productivity.
  • Clean up and streamline cluttered CRM screens, speed sales rep adoption of full capabilities.
  • Website personalization based automation rules.
  • Outbound email design and split-testing. Autoresponder sequences.
  • Meaningful segmentation of prospect lists and databases.
  • Data Import.
  • List hygiene, data cleanse, email & address append.
  • End-user training and support.

Benefits! The outcomes you can expect:

This may seem simple, but there are only a total of four outcomes you can expect:

  1. Increase revenue.
  2. Reduce cost.
  3. Improve customer loyalty / satisfaction.
  4. Make your life easier by shaping your tools and data for efficiency, maximum utility, and ease of use.

That's it.

Everything single action we take flows from one of those four goals. And in all of our projects we commit to delivering specific, measureable, agreed-upon results in deadline-oriented phases.

Let's talk about your needs:

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Our Philosopy of Service: What You Can Expect From Us

We are not the type of "advisors" or "consultants" who sit on the sidelines chatting in your ear and writing up TPS reports. No. We're doers. We take initiative. We want to proudly assume ownership of a crucial part of your business.

       You could probably hire a new FTE or create an internal tiger-team … but instead we want you to decide to let Trendara design and run an essential part of your business; at least for the duration of our engagement together.

       We are going to be personally responsible for making sure that a crucial job gets done for you. In other words, rather than a consultant, we'll be acting as a manageran expert manager who reports to you; a manager who does the hard work and takes on the hassles you'd rather not think about until the systems are in place and ready for your personal review and feedback.

       Our credibility comes from our ability to solve problems and our ability to deliver — not our ability to provide sage advice or "consulting" from some hilltop or silo.

       I HOPE WE CAN show you that we are the type of people you would normally hire in to your company as full-time employees to contribute to your sales and marketing efforts.

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